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Daily Residential and Commercial Adjusting

What makes us different from any other claims service is the strength of our team and their broad knowledge of the claims process, construction techniques, and attention to detail.  When a referral is made we look to match the right background and skill set for the loss rather than just randomly referring to the closest adjuster.  We recognize the importance of doing the job right the first time to reduce unnecessary delays and re-works.

We are currently handling daily claim assignments throughout the United States.  We have a proven track record of expanding our territory and roster of highly experienced field adjusters to meet the needs of our customers.  Once our clients provide information of where they have the greatest needs we immediately deploy our resources to build the best service team for them.

It is our goal to consistently keep the loss cost expenses down for our carrier partners.  This is done through ensuring the claims are worked correctly the first time to avoid re-assignments, by customizing limits on mileage fees and through limited charges for photos.

Let Summit be your preferred vendor for property losses!

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